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Spider Pick Up

I love using chopsticks to teach children the proper way to isolate the correct fingers and strengthen the correct muscles that they need for a proper grasp.

Just make sure that they hold the chopsticks with their thumb and 2 first fingers and allotter fingers are tucked in the hand. If the chopsticks are to heavy for little hands to hold, I allow them to use all other fingers however they MUST keep an open web space (i.e. the space between the thumb and index finger that forms a nice open circle when this tool is held correctly)

You can play this game several different ways:

Start by lacing Uppercase letter Stickers on the foam spider web (you can draw a web on a piece of paper)

You can play this game several different ways:

  • Ask your child to use the chopsticks to pick up spiders and place them only on the letters of their name!!!
  • You can also place lower case letter stickers on the plastic spiders and ask you child to match an upper case to its lower case letter.
  • Call out a spelling word and ask children to place spiders on the letters that spell that word.
  • Say things like: What letter does Spider start with? and ask children to put a spider on it.

This is a great Fine motor Halloween activity!