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Halloween Spooky Crafts

I always love Holidays with fun themes and Halloween is definitely one of my favorites. Here are a few activities and crafts you can try with your little ones.

1-Skeleton Hands

This is a very easy activity that i have done with children of various ages.

You Will Need:

  • Black card stock paper
  • White paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Q-tips
  • Scissors
  • White glue

The Activity:

Begin by placing a blank paper in front of your child. Using white paint, cover their entire forearm and fingers.


Create an imprint of their hand and forearm on the blank paper


Then use Q-tips and white glue to stick on the “bones”.



For older children you can have them cut the Q-tips to create a more accurate representation of the skeleton of the hand!


2-Cotton Ghosts

You Will Need:

  • Ghost cut outs from black card stock paper
  • Eyes and mouth cut outs from card stock paper
  • White glue
  • Cotton balls

The Activity:

Each child gets a cut out of a ghost. If your children are strong enough, have them use white glue in a bottle to squeeze out the glue on the cotton ball and place it on the ghost.


For those children that do not have the finger strength, I have tried putting white glue on a plate and have them dip the cotton into the glue but that became very messy. Most children either put too much glue or some put their entire hands in the glue thinking it was paint. The best way to do it is, that you help them squeeze out glue to cover the entire ghost and then have them cover the ghost with cotton balls.


Once the ghost is covered in cotton, glue on eyes and a mouth!



3- Toilet Paper Roll Mummies

You Will Need:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Black paint
  • White glue and a paintbrush
  • strips of white paper towels
  • 2 wiggle eyes

The Activity:

Paint the toilet paper roll with black paint and allow it to dry completely.

Begin by having children cover the bottom half of the toilet paper roll with white glue using the paintbrush.


Using strips of white crepe paper, start sticking them from the bottom of the roll and twisting upwards.


Use glue to cover the top half of the roll and continue sticking crepe paper to cover the entire roll.


4- Toilet Paper Roll Bats

You Will Need:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Black paint and paintbrush
  • Wings cutout from black card stock paper
  • Ear cutout from black card stock paper
  • Teeth cutout from white card stock paper
  • Wiggle eyes
  • White glue

The Activity:

Paint the toilet paper roll with black paint and set aside.

Cut out wings and ears from card stock paper.


Glue on wings and ears

Glue on wiggle eyes and teeth


Glue on some wiggle eyes!

5-Dot Painting Bats

You Will Need:

  • Yellow, orange, and white paint
  • Printable bat sheet (I found this on line
  • Painters tape 

The Activity:

Begin by cutting out 3 bats and stick them on a black piece of construction paper using painter’s tape.


Provide paints and a pencil for each child.

Use the eraser part of a pencil to dip into yellow paint.


Make dots all over the paper, with special focus on the edge of each bat


Repeat for each color

Carefully remove the bat to create a shadow.


This creates an awesome bat scene!


6- Potato Pumpkins

You Will Need:

  • Potatoes
  • Knife
  • Orange paint
  • Green paint
  • White card stock paper

The Activity:

Create a pumpkin face by carving a potato


Use orange paint to make stamps on thick card stock paper.


Draw green stems






Sensory Activities

Spooky Witch Pumpkin

This is a great alternative to carving a pumpkin. Lay a pumpkin on its side, paint it green. Add streamers for hair, wiggle eyes, a felt mouth and accessorize with a witch hat!!! Kids LOOOOVED the Spooky result!


Sensory Activities

Halloween Scene Prints

You Will Need:

  • Acrylic or tempra paint
  • Sponge roller
  • Plastic place mats
  • Q tips
  • Construction paper


This is a very simple activity that can be done with children of all skill levels. The little ones enjoy it just as much as the older ones. The younger children even used their hands to spread the paint and drew scribbles with their Q-tips. The older children took the time to draw more elaborate scenes!

Roll out paint evenly on placemats.

Create a Halloween scene using a Qtip.

Work quickly don’t let the paint dry out
Put a paper over the painting and press down.

Peel the paper to reveal a beautiful Halloween print!!


Once the first print is completed, you can roll out a different color and create a new scene!