Fine Motor Activities Sensory Activities

Penguin fish feed:

You will need:

  • An empty Tissue box
  • Black, white and Orange Construction paper
  • Straws
  • OR Adaptive chopsticks (You can purchase here at MissMancy’s SHOP)
  • Tissue paper

The Activity:

This is a nice way to work on oral motor skills and awareness of breath.

I created a penguin using a square Kleenex box.

I cut out fish from tissue paper and write letters of the alphabet using a pencil.

I then play as follows:

1-    Race between 2 children: Put 6 fish in front of each child and see who can be the first to put all the fish in the penguins mouth.

2-    Ask you child to spell different words by picking up the fish with the straw (inhale from the mouth) and placing them in the penguins mouth.

3-    Ask children to pick up specific letters or to pick up the one that sounds like or to pick up the first letter of the word etc…

If children have difficulty using the straw and controlling their breaths or even motor planning the sustained inhale, I make little balls out of tissue paper and have them use adaptive chopsticks to pick up the letters and feed the penguin.

Fine Motor Activities

The Snow Blower

You will Need:

  • Holiday straws
  • blue or white tissue paper
  • Painters tape

The Activity:

This is a great oral-motor activity. I like using this activity to improve children’s awareness of their breath.

Start by giving children large to medium sized-pieces of tissue paper and ask children to tear by using their fingers. This is wonderful bilateral coordination practice. Have children create little snowballs by pressing the tissue into circles using fingers only. Ask them to make tight balls (great way to work on finger isolation and finger strength)

You can play this game as a race between 2 children. I line up 3 to 5 “snowballs” and have children blow them across (and off) the table. Whoever blows all snowballs off the table first wins!

In order to teach children to control their breaths, create a curved road using tape on the table top and ask children to blow the snowball delicately along the road without losing control of the snowball!