Visual Perceptual Activities

Holiday Memory Game

You Will Need:

  • Coasters or tags (I got these at Target)
  • Holiday pictures (I printed these online)
  • Holiday words
  • White card stock paper

The Activity:

I prepared laminated cards with Holiday Words and matching pictures and stuck them on these lovely coasters that I found at Target.

You can play several ways:

Memory game: Turn over all cards facing down and have your child find matches. This is a wonderful way to work on visual memory!

Reading: Keep all cards turned facing up and ask little ones to match words to pictures by reading.

Handwriting: During memory game if a child finds a match ask her to write it on paper or dry erase board.

Balance beam: Place these cards facing up on either side of a balance beam and ask children to pick up matches without losing their balance!

Obstacle course: The possibilities are endless, I use these on different playground equipment or rock wall and ask children to climb, slide etc.. to find a match. Once they  find a match, they come back to me and copy to word (or first letter) on a dry erase board.