The Magic Dinosaur

You Will Need:

Mini figurines such as Dinosaurs or Monkeys (Available for purchase here at Miss.Mancy’s Shop)

Tricks of the Trade

Many times young children have difficulty holding a pencil correctly. They may be able to hold the pencil with their fingers but they are unable to stabilize their hand by closing the rest of their fingers inside their palms (aka. ulnar stabilization). For these children, I like to whip out the Magic Dinosaur! (You can also use any small item such as a coin, button, cotton ball or pompom but tiny figurine are so much more fun etc..)

Once your child holds his pencil by “pinching” it, place the Magic Dinosaur in the palm of his hand and tell him that it’s a Magic Dinosaur that will help him with his writing but he must make sure not to drop him while he writes! Kids love this Magical visual.

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