The Quiet Time Kit (retail: $89)

Children with Autism often have a difficult time keeping a balanced arousal state throughout the day. Many have difficulty with sensory processing, therefore the rich sensory environment we live in can become very challenging for them.

The Quiet Time Kit was created for one of the workshops that I gave to Brandeis Committee, “Grand-parenting Children with Autism”. I wanted to give the grandparents tools they can use to help their Autistic grandchildren find balance and comfort when they visit grandma and grandpa for the day or the weekend. This kit includes many calming tools that I have found to work best over the years with my little clients.

Items included in The Quiet Time Kit:

1.Wally the Weighted Worm: The added weight across a child’s lap or shoulders provides them with a calming sensation to their nervous system (imagine getting a hug). This is not only useful during circle time at school but also during seated and quiet work or tests when added attention is required or when you think your child needs to calm their system.

2. Ankle Weights: I love using these with children during therapy. The additional weight helps them calm and creates more body awareness.

3. Dry Body Brush: This is a wonderful addition to any routine. I use it in clinic as soon as children walk through the door. They wash their hands with “magic soap” (antibacterial liquid) and they choose if they want Bumpies or Scratchies (or both). Kids really like this. It can be calming or alerting depending on the intensity of brushing.

4. Calming Lavender Lotion: Deep pressure massage is a very nice calming activity you can do to help calm your child. You can do this every night before going to bed or massage your child’s arms and legs during the day for a nice calming sensation.

5. Putty with Items: Love love love putty. It’s always a child’s favorite. The extra resistance in combination with a goal of finding hidden items helps children calm and focus.

6. Squigglet: Great fidget toy that can be carried around easily since it can be worn as a bracelet! Fidgets are a nice way to redirect children when they are self stimming or becoming fidgety.

7. Classical Stress Release CD: Studies have shown that classical music can help children with special needs through a variety of significant improvements including reduced stress, increased IQ, and improved ability to concentrate. I love to play classical music at a low volume in the background. This is a wonderful CD with classical music specifically for Stress Release.

8. Calming  Card: This is a list of calming activities. I picked ideas that are easy to implement.

These items come in a beautiful glossy white box with a big bow and can be used for storage. The lid is magnetic easy to open. I really hope your children can enjoy it as much as my little ones do.

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