The Versatility of Stickers!!!

Sticker Fun:

Comes included in MissMancy’s Handwriting Starter Kit. Available for purchase on this site.

Cutting on sticker: place stickers on circular shape and instruct your child to cut through each sticker when cutting. This will teach him to turn and cut.

To move hand when  cutting: to teach hand placement /movement when cutting. Space out stickers along the edge of a paper and instruct to cut and move non dominant hand to one sticker at a time from bottom to top.

Where to start letter: For little ones as a reminder where to start their letters.

Dot to dot for letters: place small stickers as dots that children have to connect to make letters.

Spacing: great to teach kids spacing between words. Each sticker accumulated can be worth a point or a min on the Ipad.

Placement on crayon: for kids who can hold a pencil with a tripod grasp I use tiny stickers as a visual reminder as to where fingers go.

Place a sticker and write the word: I like finding out what a child likes ex:sea creatures …I buy cute stickers of the theme they love, I have then stick a few on paper and ask then to write the name of this animal in the box.

Neat pincer with art work: removing small stickers is a great way to work on neat pincer.

And of course let’s not forget that stickers are a great reward!


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