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MY NAME: It’s Nancy but the children endearingly call me Miss Mancy!

LIFE MISSION: Shifting the word “disability” to “different abilities” by advocating for integration.

TRUE STORY: I’m barely 5 ft and often get mistaken for one of the kids! They love it!

FUN FACT: I was featured on The Today Show for Autism Awareness Month.

"Disability is one's inability to see ability!"

Hi I 'm Nancy Amar!

I’m an Occupational Therapist (OT) with more than 18 years of experience, and whose greatest passion is working with children of all abilities. Although my name is Nancy, the children endearingly call me “Miss Mancy”, which inspired the name of my company.

In addition to providing individual therapy, my team and I design and teach classes in schools and in the community to bring valuable life skills, fine motor development and academic support, all the while exploring empowering life lessons of compassion, oneness, acceptance, and kindness.

My goal has always been to journey with children and their families so that they can become the best version of themselves. My therapeutic approach is never to “fix” children, but rather to highlight the amazing unique individuals that they are, and teach them skills to only get better!

I recently opened a foundation, “Beyond ASD.” I am on a mission to shift humanity’s view of disability to one of different abilities with a place for everyone to shine their unique Light. Together we can dare to go Beyond because:

A-wareness S-hifts the D-efinition!

Miss Mancy!

We hope that you enjoy all of our programs! We want to empower kids to be the best version of themselves.

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