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Intentional Parenting Online Course

Intentional parenting is a 6-week course that helps parents look at our children’s behaviors from a whole brain approach and the learning opportunity we have to teach our children how to integrate all areas of their brain that result in well balanced regulated adults.

We help them practice this when we choose to foster integration instead of disciplining to control the immediate situation.

Every week is a new lesson that will cover a different area of parenting best practices.

Parenting Consulting with Miss Mancy

Together, we are here to make a difference in your child’s life! Plan a session with Nancy Amar OTR/L to discuss your specific challenges with parenting. Together, we will find strategies that work and further explore areas in your life that require attention.

Parent Testimonials

"Nancy’s parenting class was transformational. She inspired me to invest time and energy into myself. This affected my relationship with my husband and children. I grew more patient, confident and energetic thanks to her class."

"Real life scenarios really helped me apply the tools."

"Nancy shows the best of positive, conscious discipline in a mutually respectful approach. After her sessions, I feel more optimistic about my relationship with my children and calmer about our day-to-day interactions. Thank you, Miss Mancy!"


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