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Each Beyond ASD product has been assembled with love by a young adult with autism. Your purchase provides vocational and life skills training to Autistic young adults as well as the opportunity for employment. Together we can create a community where the definition of Autism shifts. Through love, awareness, acceptance and commitment for change we can and will create happiness in the lives of these pure souls.

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The best Fine Motor Tools, curated just for you by Miss Mancy.


Contribute to so that Autistic young adults have a chance at integration.

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Our mission

Beyond ASD‘s mission is to raise awareness to a new way of experiencing Autism, simply as a different way of being.

Our mission begins with Awareness because “Awareness Shifts the Definition (ASD)”. And we won’t stop until Acceptance of all differences becomes an integral part of our communities.

Through educational programs to the public and work training for Autistic young adults, we provide employment to young adults with Autism or the opportunity to participate in an internship with the goal of employment placement.

Together we can create a bridge for all our children to become active participants in society and honor their unique contributions to our world.

Our Programs

Employment opportunities

Young adults employed by Beyond ASD assemble kits to be utilized by children who are working on fine motor skills. Through the guidance of an Occupational Therapist, they learn employable skills, practice the social pragmatics of a work environment and more importantly, they experience BELONGING.

We begin with the assembly of kits however with time, employment opportunities with other aspects of the business will become available.

Internship opportunities

While some young adults will have the opportunity to become employed by Beyond ASD Inc, Others will help assemble kits and perform office tasks as part of an INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.

The goal of an internship is to help students build skills for the workplace. We will then assist them to find work placement in the community. Beyond ASD will also provide a coach to help bridge the skills learned during the internship in the actual working environment. Coaching will be provided to both the student and employers in order to maximize the success of their new hire.

Our Story

As a therapist, I always viewed ASD as a different way of being. Not something to fix or be afraid of but rather something to embrace.

Autistic children have come forward as great teachers. They teach unconditional love, honesty and truth. Although they may not always use their words, they do come with a message. We honor them by taking the time to listen and create integration in our communities. It’s a birthright to belong.

At Miss Mancy Inc, our team has been providing OT services to Autistic children and supporting families in their journey. However, many of our children are entering teenage years and aging out of pediatric services. There are VERY LIMITED opportunities past this point.

As an advocate for ASD it is time for me to help create these opportunities for our children. Beyond ASD was founded as a lifelong mission to honor Autism for its gifts and open people’s eyes to see from the heart. I am confident that we can and will create communities that provide opportunities to anyone with different abilities.

Nancy Amar

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