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Promote Integration in Your Family

  The past two weeks I’ve been working on a Holiday Gift Project with my vocational skills students. I can’t begin to tell you how excited they were when they had their first sale! It made me think about the importance of productivity in our society. Somewhere along the way, we bought into the idea

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Outside the Box Thinkers!

Are we teaching our children to think inside or outside the box? Is there a box?! ; ) An important social skill for our children is flexibility. Many children can be strong-willed and with that can come rigidity. They have time “flexing their brains” to shift from one activity to the next or one thought

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Co-regulate to Self-regulate.

The Role you Play in Your Child’s Regulation. Regulation is a tricky thing. We take for granted all the pieces that  have to come together in order to see our children calm, happy and in the moment. There are so many pieces that come together in this one moment! Just to name a few: personality,

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It’s OK To Feel Angry

What is an emotion? An emotion is a guidance scale to let us know how far apart we are from our true selves. At its core our true nature is happiness, love, open hearted-ness (think of a young infant) When we experience an emotion, any emotion, this is an indicator whether we are closer or

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Productivity over wellbeing

As a life-long advocate for children’s wellbeing, this is a very real and vulnerable share for me but I know that many of my kids have been feeling the same way that I have lately without knowing how to verbalize their experience or even understand what is happening to them. It is this that gives

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Do we really need to teach Eye contact?

Many therapists and parents place a lot of emphasis on children making eye contact. The reason for this being that eye contact in our society represents interest, respect, fondness, attention, and engagement. Let’s look at how an Autistic child processes information so that we can understand from their point of view the challenge of making

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