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Let’s avoid the need for OT when possible

Tips from an OT so that you don’t have to call on us!  1. Play outdoors in nature Nature is the greatest teacher and the greatest healer. Children in nature are in their element. It is the ultimate sensory experience! Nature can both provide a space for fun, movement, excitement, discovery, play, and it can

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Top 5 Activities for Children this Summer?

Parents have been asking me the same question over the past 2 weeks…Where do I sign up my child for the summer? What is the best camp or activity to involve them in? So I figured I would post my favorite Summer activities for children along with benefits of these activities to help you pick

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Sitting Still at Circle Time

Introducing Lil’ Wally the Weighted Worm! I have been going to schools for the last 10 years and many teachers ask me advice for the same thing: How do I keep the fidgety children calm and sitting during circle time? Here are a few ideas: Allow the child to hold something ex: a puppet and

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4 Really Cool Art Projects to do with Kids of ALL Skill Levels

Miss Mancy Summer classes at the Social Mind Center have been doing great! The kids are really enjoying everything they are getting their hands on! I wanted to share with you some of the most popular Art projects we did. I like that they can accommodate various skill levels. 1. Cool Self-portraits! You Will Need:

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Color My World

Crayon review: Coloring is a great way to work on so many important skills: strengthens a tripod grasp (when crayon is held correctly) child works on important motor coordination skills when having to color in the lines works on isolating wrist and finger movers when coloring small items instead of using whole arm movements (an

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