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Working on Presence with your child

The only moment we have is NOW. We can’t wait for circumstances to be perfect in order to show up as the parent we want to be for our children. It’s not, when I have more time, when I won’t have to go to work, when I get all my errands done, when I’ll feel

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Teaching children to find a sense of safety during COVID

If there’s one thing that covid has been teaching us it’s that safety is an inside job amidst all these uncertainties. It’s difficult to give children definite answers as the pandemic unfolds and new information needs to be integrated into their lives quite frequently.  The only thing we can control is taking charge of our

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How to help your child with transitions throughout the day!

Transitions are not always so simple. Compounded by the fact that parents are pressed for time to get routines completed, this can turn into a tantrum-meltdown disaster. The more tools you have in your “parent toolbox” the more seamless you can transition kids throughout the day.  Why are transitions so difficult for children?  Most likely

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Sleep in Your Own Bed! Foolproof Bedtime Routines.

Now that school is back in session, a good night’s sleep is crucial for your child’s wellbeing. According to John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, studies show that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improves attention, behavior, learning, memory and overall mental and physical health. * For children who are resistant to

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What is an Efficient Pencil Grasp?

A functional pencil grasp is one that: Allows a child to move his fingers rather than his whole hand/arm Allows a child to complete handwriting tasks without too much pressure which results in hand fatigue. Allows a child to write neatly, with flow Development of an efficient pencil grasp doesn’t happen just by practicing to

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8 Strategies to Ease Back to School Anxiety

Back to school in person is finally happening this year. Many of our children have been online for schooling and being back in the classroom can create a sense of anxiety. All anxiety stems from the perception of loss of control. By implementing a few simple strategies, we can help our children feel more in

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