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Being a teacher is so much more than just academics! Children imprint the way we talk and respond to them and this becomes their inner voice. This course will help you create a mindful classroom for your children by first examining your relationship with self and then the children before implementing environmental changes techniques and strategies to assist in conscious disciplining.


Miss Mancy offers programs that you can implement in your school for enrichment classes or offered as an after school program for students. Here are a few of our programs:

INCREDIBLE Kids: Co-Regulate to Self-Regulate
This is the first part of a 2-part Social Skills Program for children ages K through second grade. We begin with awareness and regulation to connect with ourselves first before connecting with others to create meaningful relationships.
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Knowledge is the best way to empower our teachers and our kids. The greatest investment you can make for your school is the continued education of your teachers. 

fine motor kit

Get everything you need for your students to develop fine motor skills! Every tool in this box has been carefully chosen by Miss Mancy and her team of OTs. This box is filled with our favorites and comes to you at a fraction of the cost.

Each kit comes with several worksheets in the box and with a downloadable “fine motor activity booklet” so children can use their new tools in over 100 fun and constructive ways!

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Monthly Lessons for Educators​

The gift of being a teacher comes with the responsibility to always continue learning and evolving ourselves.

Get advice on classroom management, skills development and more importantly how to mindfully show up for our children

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