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“We inspire each other do to great things for the families we serve.”

Our therapists help children succeed by highlighting their strengths and managing weaknesses. We focus primarily on supporting Autism, ADD, ADHD, Developmental Challenges and Sensory Processing Challenges.

Miss Mancy’s team is personally trained by Nancy herself to create fun, safe and innovative ways to teach children life skills to thrive as the wonderful beings that they are. We are not looking to fix children or get them to fit into a mold. We honor the child as a whole, engaging them in various environments.

With a combination of improving a child’s individual skills, empowering parents and teachers to change the way they interact with children and advocating for each child, Miss Mancy’s team approach has been successful in creating growth and true change. The underlying philosophy is ALWAYS: What do I really want for my child and what do they need to become the best version of themselves?

Miss Mancy's Tribe

Nancy AmarOTR/L
Creative | Happy | Child at heart

Love About OT: It allows me to express my creativity while being surrounded by the brilliance of children

Favorite OT Tool: Playdoh and all its versatility

If I wasn’t an OT: I would be an artist

Nancy Amar OTR/L
Kristy Gascot COTA
Mother | Wife | Pediatric COTA

Love About OT: helping support and nourish children’s developmental needs.

Favorite OT Tool: play dough, tongs and swings; a full sensory experience.

If I wasn’t an OT: I would be an interior designer, I have passion for home decor and designing spaces.

Kristin Libby COTA
Cheerful | Loud | Fun-loving

Love About OT: I love working with kids and their families!

Favorite OT Tool: Are you really asking me to pick just one?!

If I wasn’t an OT: I would still be working with kids and motivating others!

Carmen Pellot COTA
Silly | Creative | Honest

Love About OT: Seeing progress no matter how big or small. Sometimes the tiniest steps of progress are the most exciting!

Favorite OT Tool: Theraputty, it has endless possibilities!

If I wasn’t an OT: I would be a Cosmologist: The studies of the Cosmos.

Rusten Godwen COTA
Compassionate | Outgoing | Energetic

Love About OT: Seeing the progress and confidence a kid gains as we continue through each session.

Favorite OT Tool: Snowflake pieces and therapy putty.

If I wasn’t an OT: I would be an all star cheer coach!

Beverly Arismendi COTA
Caring | Committed | Professional

Love About OT: love making a difference on my Kiddos’ lives and their families.

Favorite OT Tool: Puzzles, board games, theraputty… there are so many fun and educational toys to choose from!!

If I wasn’t an OT: I would be an elementary teacher. Since I was a kid I knew I always wanted to work with children. And now I’m here!!

Rivka Salman COTA
Loving | Dedicated | Young at heart

Love About OT: Witnessing the children blossom while supporting their journey to success

Favorite OT Tool: crafts, board games, puzzles

If I wasn’t an OT: behavior analysis

Tanya ChungOTR/L
Playful | Bubbly | Affectionate

Love About OT: How children are so open to making mistakes and fearless about being wrong. I wish adults could still be like that!

Favorite OT Tool: Bubbles – feels like magic, best ice breaker for even the shyest, most difficult child!

If I wasn’t an OT: I would be a screenwriter. I love storytelling and writing!

Christina Johnston Assistant
Warmhearted | Reliable | Resourceful

A Little About Me: I was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia before I moved to the US for high school.

Education: I graduated from the University of Miami with a B.A in Psychology and a Minor in LGBT Studies.

Aspirations: I’ve always wanted to work with children and I plan to get my Masters in O.T back in Australia.

Maddie HillAssistant
Empathetic | Friendly | Intuitive

About Me: I just moved to Miami and it has quickly become one of my favorite cities! I love to travel and explore new places.

Education: I graduated from West Virginia University with a B.A. in Psychology and am planning to get my masters degree.

Aspirations: A dream of mine is to work with the elderly and maybe one day start my own practice!

Kristen Lepionka I.T. Specialist
Kind | Inventive | Problem-solver

A Little About Me: I live in Ohio, but through the miracle of the Internet I’ve been working with Miss Mancy since 2019!

When I’m Not Working: I’m either taking pictures of my cats, or writing.

Aspirations: Travel.

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