This Month's Lesson

i-nside job of happiness

This month we are exploring happiness!

Teaching children that happiness is an inside job can make all the difference in raising happy children into happy adults.


This Week's Activity

You will need:

  • PDF Number cards with Bird
  • Bowl
  • Pipe cleaner or yarn
  • Tweezers
  • Bin or tray

The Activity:

Children use tweezers to pick up small items, pipe cleaner worms to feed the bird.

What You Need To Do

Step 1: To prepare this activity print out the Feed the Birdie PDF
Step 2: Cut out each card and the bird
Step 3: Place the bird in a bowl like a nest
Step 4: Spread 1 inch pieces of pipe cleaners around the bowl
Step 5: Pick out one card, name the number, trace it, copy it (younger children can skip this step)
Step 6: Use chopsticks to feed the bird the matching number of worms

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