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Productivity over wellbeing

As a life-long advocate for children’s wellbeing, this is a very real and vulnerable share for me but I know that many of my kids have been feeling the same way that I have lately without knowing how to verbalize their experience or even understand what is happening to them. It is this that gives

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Do we really need to teach Eye contact?

Many therapists and parents place a lot of emphasis on children making eye contact. The reason for this being that eye contact in our society represents interest, respect, fondness, attention, and engagement. Let’s look at how an Autistic child processes information so that we can understand from their point of view the challenge of making

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The Paradox of Boundaries: Setting boundaries so your child can soar.

Our children experience their reality very differently than the way we experienced our youth – They are asked to “grow up” more quickly than we did and are exposed early on to so much information, most of which they’re not yet ready to process. Now, more than ever, children need grounded parents so that they

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It All Starts at Our Core

Let’s talk about core strength. Why is it so important handwriting and other classroom skills? Our core includes not only our abs but also our lower back muscles. When a child’s core is not strong, they utilize their forearms to support themselves at a table. This results in inefficient use of their hands as they are

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Working on Presence with your child

The only moment we have is NOW. We can’t wait for circumstances to be perfect in order to show up as the parent we want to be for our children. It’s not, when I have more time, when I won’t have to go to work, when I get all my errands done, when I’ll feel

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Teaching children to find a sense of safety during COVID

If there’s one thing that covid has been teaching us it’s that safety is an inside job amidst all these uncertainties. It’s difficult to give children definite answers as the pandemic unfolds and new information needs to be integrated into their lives quite frequently.  The only thing we can control is taking charge of our

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