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Color My World

Crayon review: Coloring is a great way to work on so many important skills: strengthens a tripod grasp (when crayon is held correctly) child works on important motor coordination skills when having to color in the lines works on isolating wrist and finger movers when coloring small items instead of using whole arm movements (an

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Top Ten OT Things to Do with: BALLOONS

You know I’m always looking for fun inexpensive and light ways (I travel to schools) to use children’s favorite toys and tools to teach important skills. Balloons are one of those magical items that makes every child rise to their feet and motivates them to participate! Here are my TOP 10 WAYS that I like

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Top 10 OT Fine Motor Tools Under $1

Here is a list of my Top 10 Fine Motor Tools along with activities you can do with your little ones. 1. Clothes Pins Therapeutic Benefit: Strengthens muscles used for a pincer grasp which is a precursor to a tripod grasp on writing utensils (the most efficient type of pencil grasp). Pin on animal shapes

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Creating a Sensory Smart Classroom

As an OT I get the opportunity to visit many schools in South Florida. Teachers ask me all the time how to implement sensory components in their classrooms. Here is a list of a few suggestions: Sensory/Arousal: 1. Try to plan activities that incorporate as many sensory components as possible. Ex: finger paint on textured

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Motivate your Child to Learn a New Skill!!!

Parents ask me all the time how to motivate their child to learn a new skill that they have no interest in learning. I usually like children to learn skills for the inherent value of acquiring that skill but there are times when a little push in the right direction is needed! I like to

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Going Beyond Awareness

I have always been torn by the idea of Autism awareness or awareness of any other label for that matter. On the one hand, healing begins with awareness but on the other it can highlight separateness, us and them. Awareness is an important first step but we can’t stop there. By learning about Autism we

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