Miss Mancy’s Favorite FINE MOTOR Holiday Gifts

Parents ask me all the time to recommend toys for the Holidays. So here is a little list of some of my favorite games that work on a fine motor component. You can purchase all these items directly on MissMancy’s website either on my SHOP page or on my AMAZON SHOP! Enjoy!

#1 Cranium Cariboo: This is hands down children’s favorite game! It appeals to children of all ages. Children ask me for this game allll the time! They never get enough of it!!! I like it because it teaches little ones letter, number, shape and color concepts in a fun way AND I can adapt it easily by making cards to switch out depending the concepts i’m working on. The original Cranium Cariboo is discontinued (you can find it on ebay or Amazon at a very high price) HOWEVER, Cranium came up with a new version called Cranium ISLAND Cariboo. Kids love it too but I have to admit the original is wayyyyyy more appealing!

#2 Easel: This is my favorite product out on the market. I recommend this for allllll children! Trust me, your children will love coloring, writing activities with this travel easel. I have tried dozens of easels but this one draws children in!!! (It’s my secret writing weapon)

#3 Lite Brite: I loved this game as a child and still love it today. I like the travel version of Lite Brite. Most children don’t have the patience to complete the larger Lite Brite. I use it to work on finger strength and visual perceptual skills.

#4 Candy Land Castle Game: Little ones really like pulling the handle and searching for shapes and colors. It’s a wonderful sweet game!

#5 Kid K’NEX: Love all the different types of Kid K’nex games. This is a wonderful way to work on finger strength and constructional skills. Easily makes cool constructions and it has the just right resistance on fingers. Don’t forget that for kids with poor finger strength who need help building structures, there is great value in having them break apart the structure.

#6 Sound Puzzle with Braille Pieces Pets: Great puzzle! Makes animal sounds. The genius of this puzzle are the Braille writing on each animal piece!

#7Pop the pig: Many kids I work with love this game. It’s great for hand strength and counting skills.

#8 Drill set: Very appealing to boys…the girls not so much 🙂

#9 Button Art Alex: Easy peg game for little ones. This is great for finger strength and arch formation.

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