Old McDonald on a Ball E,I,E,I,O

You will need:

  • Farm animals on a string (This one is from ALEX toys available for purchase at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop)
  • Exercise Ball (Purchase at your local Sports Store)

The Activity:

I like using this activity to help children strengthen their abdominal muscles. I give them as much support as they need to succeed but be challenged. Sit your child on an exercise ball and kneel in front of him. Provide support at the hips and let them rest their feet on your lap. Proper form is important.

Place all the animals behind your child on the floor and keep the string close to you.

Sing “Old McDonald had a Farm….and on his farm he had a mooooo (insert the sound that the animal makes). Your child then bends backwards and picks up the corresponding animal.

Help your child pull himself back up to sitting. Make sure he tucks his chin IN on his way up and provide as much support as needed on the way up and down. If your child has difficulty tucking his chin, place a little bean bag for him to hold with his chin when coming back up to sitting.

Once your child is in the sitting position, let him practice stringing the animal.

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