Reusable Plastic Pockets

You will need:

  • Clear Plastic Sleeve (I purchased this one locally at ACE School Supplies)
  • Clear Plastic sheet protectors (Easier to find…You can purchase at any Office Supply Store)
  • Dry erase markers (use thick and odorless ones)
  • Paper and light-colored markers OR worksheets you’d like to be able to reuse

Trick of the Trade:

When working on worksheets with your children, place the worksheet in a plastic protective sleeve so that you can use it over and over again with a dry erase marker. I like to use this technique for TRACING activities. I write the letters of the child’s name on a piece of paper, place it in the clear sleeve and then the child traces the letters with a dry erase marker.

The one I use is made of thick plastic. I purchased it at ACE SCHOOL SUPPLIES however you can also use regular plastic sheet protectors that you can purchase at your local pharmacy or Office Supply store.  This is a wonderful trick that I use regularly in therapy sessions for several reasons.

I like that I don’t waste paper. Think Green!! 🙂

The smooth surface has less friction than paper/pencil and this helps young children with weak pencil grasps to complete writing tasks when just starting off with learning to write.

I also like this for activities such as MAZES so that children can easily erase when they make a mistake.

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