Scooter Make and Break

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The Activity:

I love finding activities that combine more than one therapeutic goals. When working on core strength I often use a scooter board and combine it with a fine motor or perceptual activity.

Get your child to lay on the scooter on his tummy. Make sure that the edge of the scooter reaches the middle of his chest. Place a selected card at one end of the room and place the colored blocks at the other end of the room.

Start your child on the scooter where the card was placed. Have your child look at the card carefully, then using only his hands reciprocally to propel the scooter, retrieve one block at a time and go back to the starting place to build the figure from the card. Only allow your child to get off the scooter and sit to build the figure if he becomes tired from the scooter.

This position on the scooter called prone positioning helps a child build core muscles of his back and neck along with shoulder, arm and hand strength while the reciprocal arm movement to propel the scooter works on your child’s coordination.

Make and Break is a wonderful game to work on important visual perceptual skills (more specifically visual spatial skills). These are important skills for handwriting.


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