The Ladybug Who Lost Her Spots

You will need:

  • Print out or drawing of a ladybug with spots
  • Playdoh
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Therapy Corner:

When working on fine motor skills and in-hand manipulation, one of the skills we teach is PRECISION ROTATION WITH DISTAL FINGER TIPS. This helps shape the grasp by developing the arches of the hand.

This is the new version of my lady bug who lost her spots!!! So much cuter!

The Activity:

I printed out this ladybug on Microsoft Word Images however if you are artistic you can draw a ladybug with several spots. I also laminated mine so that I can re-use it several times however you can just slip it into a plastic protective pocket.

Ask your child to pinch off a little piece of play doh and roll it between his fingers (first 3 fingers including the thumb) to make a small well-shaped little ball.

He then places the little ball on one of the ladybug’s spots and pushes down with one finger. This helps strengthen little fingers so you can have your child push each ball with a different finger.

Continue until the ladybug finds all her spots!

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