The Magic Wand

You will need:

The Activity:

I love teaching nesting and retrieving skills to children with this activity. The children also get a chance to work on spelling words. First, lay out bingo chips that have alphabet stickers on them. Give your child a magnetic wand and ask them to pick up the letters to spell a specific word. (If your child is too young to spell, you can ask him to pick up 5 chips and to name the letter of the chip he picks up OR name the specific letters you want him to pick up).

Once the chips are on the magnet, have you child pick one chip at a time with his thumb and index finger and “hide” it in his hand (nesting). Then have your child put one chip at a time into the piggy bank by “wiggling” his fingers to get one chip at a time out of his palm and bring it up to the tip of his thumb and index finger (retrieving). [Don’t let your child use hid body or other hand to retrieve chips from his palm]

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