Push Pin Match Up

You will need:

  • Large Push Pins
  • Cork board
  • Rubber bands
  • MATCHING Worksheet
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The Activity:

This is a wonderful way to work on different concepts while working on fingers/thumb strength and arch formation of the hand.

I created a worksheet to match the picture to the first letter of the word however, you can use any type of matching worksheets from a workbook or make your own.

I place the worksheet on a thick cork board (here I used 3 thin ones), and I give the child one pin at a time so that I can watch that they remain safe. They must use 2 matching colored push pin to match the correct answers to each other. The large push pins allows little hands to gain finger/hand strength while the cupping position of the hand at the top of the push pin allows for formation of the arches of the hand.

Make sure that when holding the pin, your child forms an O with his thumb and index finger over the pin and does NOT COLLAPSE the thumb into hyperextension (as pictured below).

Once the child has matched all answers to each other using the pins, I give them a rubber band that they must hold with thumbs only and pull from one matching colored pin to the other. This pulling motion with the thumb works on important thumb strength and position (required for many fine motor skills and promotes correct grasp on pencils).

I do also have the children undo the board however when removing pins I hold on to their wrist so that they don’t hurt themselves if they pull too hard.

Another fun way to complete worksheets with children while working on important hand skills!

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