Tennis Ball Chomper

You will need:

  • Tennis ball with a 2 inch slit (and wiggly eyes glued on using a hot glue gun)
  • 12 Small coins
  • Textured inflatable disc (Available for purchase at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop)
You can purchase the this tennis call and coins activity exclusively at MissMancy’s Shop

The activity:

Prepare this activity by cutting a 2 inch slit across a tennis ball using a sharp blade (be careful). Then stick two wiggly eyes using a hot glue gun. You’ve created a tennis ball chomper! Feel free to decorate your ball with as much as you’d like!

Place the textured disc on the floor and put 12 small coins all around it. Have you child stand on the disc while holding the tennis ball in one hand.

Get your child to squat down to pick up one coin at a time and place it in the tennis ball’s mouth by squeezing the ball open with one hand and inserting the coin with another.

After 6 coins have your child switch hands. This will help you child strengthen his hand by squeezing the ball and improve bilateral coordination by inserting coins with the opposite hand.

Furthermore, the use of the disc will allow your child to work on static standing balance while strengthening his ankles.

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